Nate Cannon 

Nate Cannon 

Nate Cannon is a writer, runner, and avid advocate for transgender and disability rights, mental health awareness, and chemical dependency education. Nate is 14 years in recovery and has completed 13 marathons since 2009 despite the onset of acquired dystonia, a painful and challenging neurological disorder. He speaks regularly to educators, health care providers, and the public regarding his experiences being transgender and in recovery, living with both mental illness and a physical disability.

Running on a Mind Rewired, Nate's first memoir, was written under his former name Jennifer and has been used in chemical dependency and mental health curricula at high schools, colleges, treatment centers, and hospitals around the country. Nate holds a BA in Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance from the University of Minnesota, a post-bacc Paralegal certificate, and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hamline University. 

His second memoir, addressing his gender identity, near-fatal suicide attempt, and the complexities of layered identity, is planned for release in late 2018.

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