Running on a Mind Rewired

         Running on a Mind Rewired

Welcome to the website of author and public speaker, Nate Cannon. Below you'll find info on Nate's first memoir, Running on a Mind Rewired, including an excerpt. 

Hard at work on his second memoir, Nate is and out and about delivering lectures, appearing at conferences and inspiring and educating as many people as he can reach on topics ranging from suicide prevention and mental health to the experience of being transgender and living with neurological illness. He is currently seeking representation for his manuscript in progress, which focuses on his transition experience and how he razed the ruins of his life to rebuild an identity that truly felt like home.

Thanks for checking out the site and be sure to stay tuned for updates regarding his readings, lectures and forthcoming literary works. If you haven't already, make sure you check out Running on a Mind Rewired, which was published under his former female name and has been adopted into high school and college curricula as well as used as a teaching tool in hospitals and treatment centers.

Note: Running on a Mind Rewired is available for purchase both here on this site and on: AmazonBNKindle, and Nook

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So maybe the whole excerpt is more than you're game for. That's fair. So what was Nate's first memoir all about anyway? Well, first off, it was written back when he was a woman. Things just get more complicated from there. Here's a little back cover copy to pique your interest:

She was the only girl in the boys’ high school hockey league, fighting to keep playing in spite of concussions and other serious injuries. By age seventeen, she was battling her second round of severe depression, this time while hooked on crack. A near-death experience—her interrupted suicide—would haunt her through multiple unsuccessful attempts at drug and alcohol treatment. Then, Jennifer Cannon realized she had to find her own path to recovery.

I never wanted to destroy my life, damage my brain, or come so close to killing myself that I’d wake up strangling on a psych ward floor. . . . But I did. And in the end I was the only one who could save me from myself.

I’d love to say that life after drugs and alcohol is easy. Chemical dependency isn’t always as simple as going to rehab and coming out fixed, though. Nor are head injuries and concussions things you can safely play through.

Sometimes the damage is permanent. But you have to keep running.

Written with unflinching honesty, Running on a Mind Rewired is at times harrowing, yet ultimately hopeful. Jennifer’s story will inspire others to persevere in the face of what may seem to be overwhelming odds.