Running With Needles

An exciting time. Yesterday I went out for a 12 mile run. It was, without question, the most difficult run I've ever had, outside of the marathon itself. It was blazing hot, and so humid that I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life. For the first time, I couldn't make it through. I had to split my run. I went 8 miles outdoors, but came back home to do the last 4 on the treadmill. It was absolutely a test in persistence.

Weather aside, the run went alright. My legs held up.

But, the Dystonia was all out of sorts. The Botox has worn off, and so my brain is playing tricks on me. One mile it's the front of my neck that hurts. The next it's the base of my skull, my jaw or tongue bothering me. Then that all stops and it moves into my arm. And on a fleeting basis, it's still moving in and out of my abs.

Once I finish up, for the next few hours nearly every muscle in my body aches and hurts. Except those with Dystonia. Those muscles, sufficiently worn out by a long run, are finally given permission to relax.

People wonder why I do this to myself. Why I push myself so hard via vigorous exercise. Truth is, I can't find a better way to combat my Dystonia. Not even Botox seems to provide as consistent of relief.

I'm due for my shots today. I have no idea how this round will play out. I'm not going to do anything drastic to alter what muscles I'm getting injected, but I've yet to figure out whether I'm better off running with needles; or without.