Smiles for Miles


Take a look at that smile there. That's real. That's genuine. That's me: High. On life.

After seven weeks of miserable runs, where all pleasure has been snuffed out by horrible abdominal contractions, ribcage pain, and overall uncoordinated breathing, I actually had a good run today.

Nothing. No drug, no chemical, no other sport, nothing in the world can compare to the cleansing I feel in my soul when I get in a good run.

It only made it better that it was raining. I love running in the rain. But, rain means I left my Garmin at home. So, I'm not sure how fast I ran. Or how many times I had to stop to stretch my bad arm, twist a bit, and walk. But, I know what I did.

I ran 6 miles. And I didn't have to lie down in the grass once.

My abs started kicking in the last few miles, forcing me to walk with more frequency. But, they didn't get so bad to bring me to my knees. The Botox is wearing off now. The Dystonia is settling back into my head, neck, tongue, throat and shoulder; where it usually is. It seems odd now that I started having these troubles with breathing and running right after my last round of Botox on May 26. Makes me wonder if the injections aren't just pushing the Dystonia into other muscles again.

I hope that's all it is.

Today? Not only did I get in a good run. But, I also got a little hope that maybe, just maybe, this abdominal issue is temporary. That it might just be related to this round of injections and so will continue to wear off.

It's all added up to put a great big smile on my face.

It's a good day. And I'm happy to be still breathing.